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IhsAn in color

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IhsAn x Multi-Platinum Winning Engineer Irko

Irko 1

Today, IhsAn had the honor of working with Multi-Platinum Winning Engineer Irko.”Super dope moment today working with the students at American University @rellybethefirst and the multi-platinum award winning engineer @irkostudiobeat 🙏🏾 Thank you for working on my new music and being so informative”. #Amazed and #Excited ✨✨” From IhsAn’s Social Media. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

New hair…Who Dis ?

short hair

IhsAn is infamous for her unique style and always changing up her look. She is rocking a new low cut. Let us know how you feel about it on IhsAn’s Instagram page @IhsAnBilal -TeamIB