IhsAnity EP out now for free download !!!

IhsAnity project site pic

IhsAnity EP on Soundcloud. Free Download.IhsAnity is the latest masterpiece from Eclectic Soul Singer/Songwriter IhsAn Bilal.
IhsAnity features 7 unreleased tracks where the listener can hear the passion and conviction in her voice.

The project features production from her brother Aleem Bilal, Jerome Lawrence, Jahi, Gambi Music, and a remake of an Isley Brothers classic “Work 2 do”.

Writing credits include IhsAn, her sister Karimah, Jerome Lawrence, David Kenneth Sommerville, and G major. Every song also has a music visual as well.

Timeless lyrics, catchy beats, and an undeniable voice…IhsAn considers this EP her best work yet. IhsAnity is available now for free download now. Cover artwork by Donnie Ramsey.


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