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Fables & Fairy Tales Music Visual out today !!!

FFT screen shot

IhsAn releases the music visual today for her popular track “Fables & Fairy Tales”.This gem is a single from her sophomore album TEAL (2013). IB decided to release this music visual a few years after its sonic release but its well worth the wait. Hit the link below to watch the clean yet magical music visual for IhsAn’s “Fables & Fairy Tales”.

Candidly IhsAn!


“Shine Your Light For The World To See” -IB

IhsAn Goes Grey


The creative and innovative IhsAn is always reinventing her look. She recently went grey. What do you think about her new look ??

IhsAn out in LA


IhsAn is pictured above at an Oscars event in Beverly Hills, Ca.