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IhsAn and Mr Stephen Hill of BET!


IhsAn is pictured with one of the most important people in the world, Mr Stephen Hill. “It was a pleasure meeting him. I told him Thank-you for everything that you do & God Bless You”.-IhsAn

IhsAn at the BET radio room


IhsAn is on the move this weekend for the BET Experience. She is pictured above at the BET radio press room for the 2nd year in a row.

IhsAn on the Pre-Bet event red carpet!


Thank-you to everyone that came out to the Pre-Bet event at Xen Lounge & a special thank-you to Michelle Stokes & Casey Lee for providing the Launch platform.

IhsAn on the red carpet!

red carpet

IhsAn is pictured on the red carpet right before her performance for the Pre-Bet event at Xen Lounge.