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Dance Shake released today

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The hot new dance single “Dance Shake” by Matthew Shell featuring IhsAn & V.I.C.U. is available today everywhere for download.

Money in Japan is trending! Click the link to see why.


Congrats to IhsAn for receiving so much buzz from her latest single “Money in Japan” thanx to all of the fans & supporters. Make sure to download “Money in Japan” right now at this link:$-in-japan-single/id982560768

Congrats IhsAn on your move L.A.!!!


IhsAn relocated to Los Angeles, California. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes! All of the best to IhsAn as you propel forward in your career!

Farewell IhsAn !!!

friends fam

Thank you to all of the fam & Friends that came out to celebrate IhsAn’s big move to Los Angeles (pictured and not pictured). We appreciate all of your support. Expect a lot more great moments from #TeamIB very soon.