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“Dance Shake” featured on The Roc The Mic Mixtape


More Great news!! “Dance Shake”, the song that is co-written and featuring IhsAn is on the latest Roc the Mic mixtape. Roc the Mic is a Mixtape that comes out every year hosted by JayZ’s 40/40 Night Club and Dj Clue’s company dessert storm. Check out the mixtape at

TEAL three (3) year anniversary!!!


TEAL was released three (3) years ago. TEAL broke the top 100 on iTunes in August 2013. “Thank you all for your support over the years. It wouldn’t be possible without you!!!” -IhsAn. “TEAL” is available now on all major digital retailers.

“BIG red BOX Remixtape” four year anniversary!!!


IhsAn released the follow up to her debut album “BIG red BOX”… “BIG red BOX” remix tape four years ago. This mixtape is filled with new sounds, features, and different compositions from various producers including Aleem Bilal, Reggie Volume, Brad Anglin, Chris Barz, Heartbreak kid, and more. Download the “BIG red BOX Remixtape” by clicking on the music tab and hit that download button.:)-Thank you all for your support thus far. More new music coming soon.:)-Team IB

IhsAn on the Amber Rose show


IhsAn had the opportunity to sing for Amber Rose and her crew this week on her show during the commercial break. “What a blessing. I get this rush when people that I admire respect my gift.” Tune into the Amber Rose show this Friday 7/29 at 11PM eastern/8PM pacific.