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Imma Be Fine

Imma Be Fine

IhsAn released a new track today entitled “Imma Be Fine”.The lyrics discuss that its ok to be who you are in a world and an industry where fame and appearances are glorified and that you dont need anyone’s approval on what it takes to be successful.”So this year Imma try to loose weight. Show my ass and my tits then I’ll get a big break then. I can flash for the gram. Even though I know thats not who I am.I just wanna make good music and for yawl to listen to it. So no matter what…I know I gone.Imm be fine.” Take a listen to “Imma Be Fine” right here on IhsAn’s website. -Team IB

IhsAn performing this Weekend!


IhsAn performing this Saturday, July 16th at the Corona Auditorium Civic Center. Located at 815 W 6th St. Corona, Ca. 92882. 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM. Donations Adults – $20. Children – $5.All proceeds will go to college students in need as well as those suffering from for more info.

IhsAn and Mr Stephen Hill of BET!


IhsAn is pictured with one of the most important people in the world, Mr Stephen Hill. “It was a pleasure meeting him. I told him Thank-you for everything that you do & God Bless You”.-IhsAn